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"Dedicated. Unstoppable. Elevation."


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Denise Knowles is a published author, Certified Life Coach and mentor known as the D.U.E. Over Coach. Her philosophy is simple: YOU FIRST. You must save yourself FIRST before you can save anyone else.


Denise works closely with individuals, couples, youth groups, and corporations to guide those who are READY for the D.U.E Over of their lives.


Her experience and knack for storytelling, coupled with her knowledge about life, love, and business reflect in every workshop and event.

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Love, Roll, Lifetime is Denise's personal story of finding herself and finding love.


Co-authored by her husband Demitrius Knowles, Love, Roll, Lifetime sets the scene of humor, romance, passion and love brought together and sealed at the skating rink.

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This is volume 3 of The Evolution of Skating series. The Evolution of Skating is a collaboration, a journey of sorts, detailing the skate culture. It is the “Evolution” of the skater and how they have grown in passion and skill over the years. Each chapter will provide a sneak peek inside the life of the individual and the culture, this gritty, fun, family friendly, sometimes underground but well-known phenomenon that has stood the test of time. 


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